Preserve, by James Keaney

As well as appearing in our launch concert, James Keaney took the role of Colm in Xanadu Online Theatre’s production of “Riders to the Sea” in December 2020, as well as taking on several roles front of house and behind the scenes in both the theatre and the arts centre. Today we are showcasing him on the arts centre for the second time with his new piece Preserve. Do all James’ track titles start with P? Follow him on Youtube and Soundcloud (and on Notes From Xanadu, of course) to find out!

Please note: this video contains flashing images.


2 comments on “Preserve, by James Keaney

  1. Super contemporary and bleeding-edge but clearly clued to EDM/dance/electronic history at the same time. Is there a hint of classical training in there too? TALENT

    • Yes, James is a classically-trained pianist, and he performed in that capacity at the launch concert for Xanadu Online Theatre last September. He has many strings to his bow!

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