Welcome Home

Welcome to Notes From Xanadu – the online arts centre. Read all about us, and the launch weekend, here: Bringing it All Back Home – Online.

Today (14 July), we have a new Farley’s Philosophy column, and a comedy video featuring new contributor Paul Strange. 

We feature new and existing work every Tuesday at 2 pm.  Thanks so much for joining us!


We welcome all types of submissions, from writing to music and much more. Think of anything that might be in an arts centre or theatre, and if you can record it, photograph it, write it, or film it, we can show it. Writing: fiction, poetry, journalism, features, columns, etc. Arts & Crafts: painting, photography, sculpture, pottery, textiles, woodcraft, model making, etc. Short films of all types: fiction, documentary, animation, etc. Music: video or audio with an accompanying picture. Performance: spoken word, stand-up comedy, sketches, dance, music (already mentioned), puppetry, etc. Any combination of any of these categories. Submissions in Irish and other languages are also welcome. If there’s something that hasn’t been mentioned, as long as it is something that would work online, feel free to submit it. Send your work, along with a very brief biography, to notesfromxanadu@hotmail.com.