Pushing The Online Envelope

Welcome to Notes From Xanadu – the online arts centre.  Read more about us, and our launch in May 2020 here. For a more detailed look at the story behind it all, you can read this article.

It’s been very quiet in the online arts centre this year, as our artistic director has been busy with several major life events.  However, through a stroke of good fortune, a brilliant debut single by new band Loyola fell into our laps at exactly the right time.  It’s Clearly Christmas is our Christmas Number 1, and we think it might be yours too!

If Loyola puts you in the mood for more music after listening to them, have a look at our music back catalogue which includes parody songs by Mary Tynan and Futzy and the Bitch, as well as more traditional music from a variety of artists.

It only remains to wish you all a very merry Christmas from everyone at Notes From Xanadu – the online arts centre.

Notes From Xanadu and Xanadu Online Theatre are run entirely by volunteers.  If you are interested in being involved in any way, please drop us a line on notesfromxanadu@hotmail.com.

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