Welcome Home

Welcome to Notes From Xanadu – the online arts centre. Read all about us, and the launch weekend, here: Bringing it All Back Home – Online.¬† There’s also more about the background story in this article.

We have lots of exciting stuff for you this week (12 January 2021). To begin with, we have our first podcast. Jackson Lara is kindly sharing his experiences of working as a correctional officer in the US with us: Welcome to Prison is the first episode in The Prison Podcast. Regular columnist Philipa Farley is back after a short break with a new Farley’s Philosophy. And, if you haven’t heard about the Xanadu Reading Challenge yet, to take part, you can read all about it here; thanks to Karin Hammarstrom, one our participants, we now have an Excel spreadsheet¬†which you can use to keep track of your reading. If enough people are interested, we’ll hold a live (online) discussion group once a month, so let us know if that’s something you would like.

Watch this space, follow our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for new posts and updates.