Pushing The Online Envelope

Welcome to Notes From Xanadu – the online arts centre.  Read more about us, and our launch in May 2020 here. For a more detailed look at the story behind it all, you can read this article.

We’ve been a little bit quiet here since our first birthday celebrations, as we were busy in the theatre with our double bill concert, which proved to be a very successful evening.  It was recorded, and we are hoping to run a streaming event in the future in order to allow a larger audience the chance to see these two wonderful musicians. In the meantime, we have lots going on for you here.

Our next Stitch ‘n’ Bitch is on Thursday, 17 June at 6.30 pm BST; after a successful launch, we are hosting a second Canadh agus Caint on Thursday, 10 June at the later time of 7.30 pm – email notesfromxanadu@hotmail.com if you wish to attend either of these – and details of the Xanadu Reading Challenge for June are available here.

You may remember that our artistic director, Mary Tynan, was quite eager for a vaccine – to the point of writing a song parody about it.  And it’s great that things are starting to reopen.  But a lot of good things have happened during the pandemic – Notes from Xanadu and Xanadu Online Theatre being just two of them – and the online opportunities allowed a lot of people to participate in ways they previously couldn’t.  As we return to ‘normal,’ this poem, also by Mary, asks us to make sure that nobody get left behind.

Notes From Xanadu and Xanadu Online Theatre are run entirely by volunteers.  If you are interested in being involved in any way, please drop us a line on notesfromxanadu@hotmail.com.

Watch this space, follow our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter  for new posts and updates.