Blackrock Diving Tower, by Anne Tynan

Galway City native Anne painted this picture of the famous diving tower at Blackrock, Salthill.  This picture is particulary poignant, as, in normal times, there are swimmers at Blackrock every single day of the year, with Christmas Day being a particular favourite.  Anne says:

“Definitely not comfortable with describing myself as an artist.  I was inspired to paint this iconic neighbourhood scene after a thoughtful birthday gift from my sister.  I hadn’t painted for decades, pretty much abandoning it after a year of art school when I was 16.  However, having enjoyed this painting thoroughly, I will definitely keep it up and hope to improve!”

3 comments on “Blackrock Diving Tower, by Anne Tynan

  1. I love the contrast between the natural colours and the bright yellow of the diving tower. A strong evocation of place.

  2. I know that scene well and appreciate how the artist allows the sea to dominate
    Another painter would have obsessed on the bright built artifice of the diving tower but to my mind the brooding sky, hulking hills and ambiguous sea are the real focus here

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