Burlexe – Interview with Cast Member Dympna Messenger

Tell us a little bit about yourself as a performer

I was a “late starter” and came into the business after bringing up my 3 children and a stint of teaching drama in a Dagenham comprehensive. Because I hadn’t waited this long and trained this hard in order to be unemployed, on graduating I formed my own company “Time of Our Lives Music Theatre” with Keith Myers who had directed me at Drama School, sadly we lost our funding in 2008 so I am now relying on other producers to employ me and have the headaches.

How did you get involved with Burlexe?

I got involved with Burlexe by responding to an ad in Casting Call Pro, I never dreamed I get the job but so glad I did, it is so totally different to anything else I’ve ever done.

What was your impression of Burlesque prior to this?

Before this job I had no idea the Burlesque world existed! I was vaguely aware of things like Gypsy Rose Lee and Strip Tease.

What is it now?

Working with the Burlesque ladies has totally opened up my eyes to a whole style of entertainment that is the descendant of old fashioned Variety and Music Hall of which I am a big fan.

Has doing Burlexe changed you in any way?

Doing this job has been a revelation. I would love to have a discussion/debate with “women’s libbers” who disapprove of this type of thing, but my Burlesque friends tell me that they find what they do to be liberating and who am I to argue with them!

When and where is the next show?

The next show is in The Shadow Lounge, Brewer St, Soho on Wednesday 21st March at 8pm.

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Mary Tynan

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